Three days in Istanbul

If you are here for three days. My suggestions are:


1- Wake up early.

2- Have a breakfast with börek and tea.

2- Go to Sultanahmet and visit Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Cistern Bassilica

3- Walk to Karaköy Port and get the boat to Kadıköy.

4- Have a glass of tea in the  boat.

5- When you arrive Kadıköy go to Yanyalı Fehmi restaurant and have a dinner there.

6- Then walk to Kadıköy Balıkçılar Çarışısı and have a beer there.

6- Untill 10 pm get the boat back to Karaköy and go to your hotel and sleep.


1- Wake up early

2- Get a breakfast in Karaköy Namlı restaurant.

3- Walt to Galata Tower and when you are walking up watch the old buildings and old streets.

4- Listen to a street musician and give them your coins.

5-From Galata Tower walk to İstiklal street and especially try to explore sideways.

6- When you reach to Taksim square walk to Beşiktaş. On the way you will see Dolmabahçe Palace. There have a tea and go on walking to Beşiktaş.

7- When you reach Beşiktaş take a boat to Üsküdar and have a dinner in Kanaat Restaurant in Üsküdar. (No alcohol in this restaurant.)

8- Take the boat back to Beşiktaş.

9-From Beşiktaş go to Taksim and enjoy the night life of Taksim.


1- Wake up early

2- Take a bosbhorus tour. There are lots of boats in Eminönü but I suggest municapilty’s tour.


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3- Go to Grand Bazaar and have some souveniers.

4- If you can come to this step. Congratulations!

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