New- year’s day in Istanbul

What to do in new year’s day in Istanbul?

1- Buy a national lottery. You can find the results in the newspapers next day.

The national lottery for the new year
The national lottery for the new year

2- If you don’t like crowds, don’t go to Taksim. But if you go, be carefull, strange people will be there. Some of them can abuse.



3- There will be traffic jam, so try to go where ever you want to go early…


trafic jam


4- If you like outdoors and crowd, Kadıköy street, İstiklal street, Ortaköy will be good.

5- For indoor activities check Biletix Biletix is an onlice ticket buying website for many kind of activities. There will be an option for you.

6- Or be creative and find your way!



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