Do you need a guide in Istanbul or do you believe you can do it better by yourself?

Do you really need a guide in Istanbul?

I am a  tour guide and I am the one who is asking this question. Yeah, do you really need a guide in Istanbul? I’m not sure what to say. I guess for only one day a professional guide is a smart option and for the  other days maybe you should discover by yourself, because I guess traveling should include some secrets inside.

Why do I think like this?

You see the picture above. That is a different perpective of Hagia Sophia. Maybe you can never catch that picture. A tour guide can bring a new perspective. A different look to the city. That’s why, If affordable, a tourist guide is a must in this big city even for just one day for his/her perspective.

Have a look at the pictures below: those are different perspectives that I try to  explain.

When I travel abroad, I always look for a local, as a friend or as a guide. Cities are made by people and people made by cities. So I need to contact with locals.

You can check walking routes from here 


If you need a guide please feel free to contact with me: whatsup : (00 9) 0532 490 14 70

Enjoy Istanbul,

And let the city enjoy you!

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