Yacht Charter in Istanbul

Yacht charter is becoming more popular in Istanbul especially in summer months June,July,August. But there are many type of vessels, turists can not decide which one to choose. So in this article I want to summarise the vessel types and yacht charter types in the city.

There are some international booking platforms that you choose a yacht or a boat without connecting the local company. Getyourguide, viator are some of them. But for sure choosing a boat rental or any other experience from this global websites, lowers the thrill of being in a different city but also decreases the posibility of making mistake and making your travel partner crazy:)

Yacht Charter vessels:

The most common vessels other than yachts are as below:

This is a sightseing vessel. You can join a Bosphorus cruise or island cruise with this vessel or even you can have dinner cruise. But if are talking about yacht charter. This is not what we are meaning.

This is a public boat. Istanbul municipality operates the big boats with similar to this design. You can cruise to islands with this boat or bhosphorus or Kadıköy and Üsküdar Ports. The cost of cruise is cheaper with these vessels and quite comfortable even you can have a drink inside. ( No alcohol) The time schedule please have a look at the official website.

If this is the one you are looking for than you have to search different websites.

If you are looking for yacht/boat charter we can suggest you some websites. There is a local website that can help you yacht charter in Istanbul viravira.

Or th link below is for locals who search a boat rentals. Sahibinden.com If you know turkish it would be perfect to understand this one or you use google translate.

Lets talk about a 12 meter yacht, the daily price starts from 500 USD to 650 USD for the boat not per person. If you want to rent hourly. 1 hour price differs between 35 USD and 50 USD for the boat. For sure the prices go up if you want dinner or drinks. These prices are just rental prices.

Yacht charter management software

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