Professional Istanbul Tour Guide


I was born and raised in Istanbul so this big city shaped me and made me who I am now. I’m a writer, professional tourist guide and a freelance yacht tourism journalist. If you would like to join my tours we walk and talk together and take some pictures:) 

Bahar Oztürk

Short Biography:

Graduated from Gazi İletişim Faculty and after that worked in media companies for several years. I worked as an asistant producer with famous film director Ali Özgentürk and then realised that movie sector is not my business. Instead I started to write; content writing, script writing and then my two books were published; one is about living alone and the other is about sailing.

Then I realised that I needed some more money and involved in boat selling job. This sudden change was like a revolution in my life. Boats, luxury, international exhibitions…. I liked boats and boating so  I sold some boats but again I returned to “writing”

I become a freelance journalist for an international  yacht magazine. And also got my tourism guide certificate from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Marmaris Tourisim Faculty.


Now I am a freelance tourguide in Istanbul.


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