Street Food

eat and walkSome cities especially from Asian countries are famous with their street food. Istanbul gives some street food options. Such as stuffed mussles, bean and rice, savory roll covered with sesame seed, some sweats, döner, fish and bread, corns, chesnut.You can find street food in Eminönü and Karaköy ports, in Istiklal street and in all bussy points of the city. Common street foods are as below:



Freshly baked, molasses-dipped and sesame-crusted dough. It looks like American bagel, but the taste is different. Some Americans think that bagel is better than simit. But the truth is it depends how hungary you are!


fish bread

Balık-ekmek (fish and bread)

The fish sandwiches that are common around Karaköy or Eminönü shore.  Now ready for a secret. the fishes they sell in eminönü-Karaköy coming from Norway:) No joke! World is small…


Midye dolma (mussels with rice)

Mussels mixed with spicy rice and served with a squeeze of lemon juice on every other street corner in Taksim at night. It is delicious but if you are obsesed with hygiene,  think twice!



Kokoreç is actually spiced and skewered sheep’s intestines, served in either half or quarter of a bread loaf with plenty of grease and salt to go with. Post-drunk food – You need to be drunk to not realise that its made of intestines:) Give it a try maybe in Şampiyon Kokoreç in Taksim, one of the most popular kokoreç chains.



Baked potato including anything like cheese, peas, carrots, meat… Famous in Ortaköy area…Everbody loves potatoe!


 Tavuk pilav

Rice with chicken or sometimes with chickpeas. I don’t eat chicken but I eat only rice. It is cheap, delicous and crazy to eat rice on the streets:)



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