hi, wellcome to ıstanbul

ıstanbul free walkıng tours

Walking is the best way to explore the city and Istanbul has a lot to explore. There are lots of walking tours in the city. They are all good because Istanbul is so beautiful that you will be satisfied with all guides as the city amazes you by herself. Herself? Why she? We will explain when we meet…

Istanbul Walkıng tours

  • Yacht Charter in Istanbul

    Yacht charter is becoming more popular in Istanbul especially in summer months June,July,August. But there are many type of vessels, turists can not decide which one to choose. So in this article I want to summarise the vessel types and yacht charter types in the city. There are some international booking platforms that you choose […]


  • Some pictures from the walking tours

    Some of the awesome people I met on the tours:        


  • Chora Museum to Eminönü walking tour

    This is an old town tour which includes nearly everything old; the buildings, the streets, the objects and maybe the minds(!) We will see Chora Museum, Tekfur Palace (Byzantine Palace), Writers cafe Molla Aşık Cafe, Balat, Fener Greek School as you see on the map below: Please contact if you want to join whatsup: 00 […]


  • Beyazıt to Eminönü walking tour

    Route: Starting from Beyazıt to Eminönü as you will see on the map below. We will see;  Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Paşa Madrasa, Çorlulu Ali Pasa Madrasa, Nuruosmaniye Mosque, The Column of Constantine, Şerefiye Cistern, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Cafer Aga Madrasa, First Courtyard of Topkapı Palace , Gulhana Park, Cistern Basilica Tour takes nearly two […]


Sultanahmet hippodrome. If you wake up early you can catch a picture like this. Otherwise, it will be all crowded.

istanbul walking tour maps

Some people like to walk alone with a map. There are some helpful applications for that. Or Google Maps. Please find the link below, perfect walking route from SultanAhmet to İstiklal Street. When you make this tour you will have nice story tell your friends when you go back home. Please click the walking tour map on google maps.


  • Taksim to Şişli walking tour

      Route: Starting from Taksim square to Şişli Mosque as you will see on the map below. This tour is a journey in recent history, we will be around 150  years historical places and events. Not old like Hagia Sophia… This tour is dedicated to journalists, as we will see  the monuments of some Turkish […]


  • New Baklava trend in Istanbul- Hafız Mustafa

    You can sell anything if you have a good story, good decoration and good sales team. If you are in Istanbul you will see Hafiz Mustafa Confectionary with impressive decoration and full of desserts. So many desserts that you feel like you are in a child’s movie whose dream came true:) And they taste good! […]