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10 September 19 on Tuesday

Starting at 10.20 am Karaköy

Tip based tour

Eyüp Sultan-Pier Loti.

We start from Karaköy Port. We take the boat and reach to Eyüp Sultan in 20 minutes with a perfect Istanbul view and nice talk and with a delicious  tea for sure.

When we reach Eyüp, we will discover the old area that smell fully Ottoman period.

The area is full of history, religion and mystical atmosphere. We will give a cookies break.


So let me know if you want to join:

Bahar: Whatsup 00 9 0532 490 14 70


I will make the tour at least for 3 people…

Hope to see you…



The next tour on 12 September 2019 on Thursday

Istanbul Street Art Tour (plus delicious stuffed green peppers)

We will take the boat from Eminönü to Kadıkoy. Boat takes 20 minutes and you just need an Istanbul card and the round trip costs nearly 1 Euro. You will take amazing pictures from the boat and if you bring bread with you you can feed the seegalls as well…

Kadıköy is on the Asian side of the city and famous with its lively lifestyle.  It has a long history as well as the European side of the city. In Byzantine times the region was known as Chalcedon.

We will walk to an old part of Kadıköy which has nice cafes, local stores, artistic places and full of street art.

We will give a break  to eat delicious stuffed green peppers as on the picture below. Price is around 2 Euros. The we will go back to the port. And If I’m lucky enough I will get the tips:)

Some examples of street art you will see:

Please contact and join the tour:

whatsup: 00 9 0532 490 14 70


Pictures from the previous tours