The best public bazaars in Istanbul

Open public bazaars are very popular in Istanbul. You can find anything you need in reasonable prices. Especieally you find cheap and good clothes, bags, handbags, cheap and fresh fruits, vegetables….

There are 358 public bazaars and 243 of them in European side and 115 in Asian side.

They should be seen as as a cultural feature. If you are in Istanbul you should see at least one of them. As they are very crowded be carefull about your wallets!

Most populars

I give you some referance point to find the bazaars. Just you need to go around there and watch people with lots of plastic bags in their hands or ask, they will be pleases to help you…

1- Beşiktaş Halk pazarı public bazaar takes place on Saturdays against to Ihlamur Kasrı

2- Yeşilköy Halk pazarı (public bazaar) on Wednesdays 

3- Fatih çarşamba pazarı (bazaar) on Wednesdays

4-Üsküdar Cuma Pazarı on Fridays 

5- Fındıkzade pazarı on Fridays

Also Şişli Bomonti Bazaar is a very popular bazaar and sells organic fruits and vegetables

public bazaar OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA pazar3 pazar5

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