From Sultanahmed to Sokullu Mehmet Paşa Mosque then Kadırga Limanı(Port)

Everybody knows Sultanahmed but few people know Kadırga. Kadırga is in a walking distance to Sultanahmed as you see above. Kadırga means an old war ship and this area was the oldest port of Byzantine Empire. When you go there you will see such a local area that you will forget that you are in Istanbul. Lots of hundred years old trees. Locals are quite and conservative. Walking this area is something like walking in the time.

On the way to Kadırga you should see Sokullu Mehmet Paşa Mosque, built by architect Sinan in 1571. The interesting feature of this mosque is there are four small stones that were taken from Kaaba, holly stone from Mecca.

One is on the interior part and top of the main door. The other is on the door of minbar. The third one is again on the minbar.And the last one is on the top of the mihrab over the mukarnas design.

From Sultanahmed to Kadırga Port there are many other places you will see…


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