New Baklava trend in Istanbul- Hafız Mustafa

You can sell anything if you have a good story, good decoration and good sales team. If you are in Istanbul you will see Hafiz Mustafa Confectionary with impressive decoration and full of desserts. So many desserts that you feel like you are in a child’s movie whose dream came true:) And they taste good!

Hafız Mustafa was established in 1864 in Eminönü. I was born and raised in Istanbul and just learned this brand 5 years before. So it is a little bit surprising for me. Hafiz Mustafa Stores became common suddenly and we Istanbullers learned this brand suddenly. I guess they hired a martketing director from a multinational company.

I also need a good marketing director for my website:)

When you come to Istanbul enjoy Hafiz Mustafa’s deserts and feel the confectionary history of the city. Old brand and young sales team!

Sales people wear “fes” on their head to make you feel that you are in Ottoman Empire. But thanks to Ataturk and his friends that we are not in Ottoman anymore!

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