Magnolia pudding madness in Istanbul!

I have no idea how magnolia (pudding) has become popular in Istanbul, Just 2 years before Trileçe a milky dessert from Balkan countries were popular in the city  then suddenly Magnolia jumped to the stage and became a dessert star…

Now every where especially young generation talking about magnolia. Prices are between 10 TL to 40 TL.

You can find it many patisseries… There is chocolate store named Asuman in Moda district in Kadıköy which is famous with its magnolia. But I gues the reason is the price of magnolia. They sell a cup of magnolia for 40 tl… In a regular patisserie the price is 12 Tl.

Some teanagers take their girl friends to Asuman and buy them a cup of magnolia to show their love to their  girl friends:)

It is a light dessert, tasty and full of suprise! You can eat a nice Magnolia with a price of 10 TL in the cafe of “Kadıköy Idea” the place is very good and lively…

Magnolia pudding is not a traditional and a local dessert but the fruits inside are local:) The recipe is not Turkish but ingredients are Turkish:))

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