Walking to the smallest church of Istanbul

Aya Ekaterini is the smallest church of Istanbul. Grek fishermen found some remains in 1924 and built the church. It is in the backyard of Koço Restaurant. You should see! as the location is really strange.

Relgious ceremonies take place in Modays, a priest comes on Mondays.

People visit here and make wishes. They say that as Aya Ekaterini was virgin try not to make wishes about ralations, love. Better to wish about business life, education etc… Or make more high wishes like  peace in the world, equity, equal rights among all humans, animal rights, not harming nature etc…

On the way you can have a break in Çiya Restaurant as you see on the map. It is in Kadıköy fish market and offer a delicious meal from a broad culture, spanning from Mesopotamia to the Ottomans, from the Balkans to the Caucasus and from Asia to the Arabian Peninsula. They don’t serve just a food they serve food with story!

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